See What Unfolds: The Giveaway

I cannot even begin to tell you all how excited I am about my first giveaway! To say I’m pumped would be an understatement! Last week I was contacted by Trident Gum about their “See What Unfolds” Initiative. They have brought two major musical entities, World Famous Duran Duran and Internationally Known DJ Steve Aoki together for one of the most amazing collaborations I’ve ever heard “Hungry Like the Wolf: Steve Aoki vs. Duran Duran- The New York Werewolf Mix”!!!!! You must watch This Video!! You cannot listen to this song and not get pumped! It’s the track I want to hear when I’m going out with my girls for a night of dancing!

I love this initiative because it’s all about seeing what the future has to hold. As you all know that’s a big thing around here at! I’m all about searching for what’s out there and finding the beauty in everything! That’s why I wanted to share this giveaway with my readers. We’re giving away A Year’s Supply of Trident Gum to one of my faithful followers! It’s super simple to enter! Just comment on this post about what You’d Like to See Unfold in your own life, or what music collaborations you’d Like to See Unfold in the Future! (You must be a follower. You can start following by entering your email address under the Get Inspired section on the top right corner or by clicking the follow button at the top of the page). I know I personally would love to see a collaboration between Metric and Cyndi Lauper, Nakota and Frank Ocean, and Adele and Stevie Wonder! This giveaway ends on August 31,2012. The winner will be announced on Twitter (@bornat25) and on my blog by September 2, 2012. Good luck to all of you! I can’t wait to “See What Unfolds” with this Giveaway!!



21 thoughts on “See What Unfolds: The Giveaway

  1. I would like to see my dreams unfold in my own life and for them to become a reality. I want to write on a Larger scale, to visit places like Washington D.C. and NYC. I want to meet top influencers such as Oprah and President Obama. I am very hopeful and inspirational, so I would like to start a non-profit to see more education, encouragement, and positive engagement in the world. My dream is to be a catalyst and a voice to the world, and I believe that is God’s dream for me. So I will continue to walk in this path…and see what unfolds on the journey.

    Thanks Danasia!:)

    • Wow April! I’m so excited for you! I really think you have what it takes to make all of the dreams you listed happen! When you get to NYC and D.C. Hit me up! I’ll recommend some great places for you to check out!

  2. Sweet, I like gum lol 😉

    I’d like to see myself set aside my fear of failure and empower myself to achieve my dreams. It sounds simple but heaven knows I’ve been trying my whole life and haven’t gotten there yet, lol.

    As for music.. I’d LOVE to see ANY collaborations with K-Pop! I love K-Pop and right now they’re all about sharing Korean culture with the world through music. There are many talented artists but my favorite is Kim Hyung Jun, I think he’d do great with some kind of collaboration. Also BoA has already done a lot of stuff in America and has some English albums and whatnot, and she even has a dance movie coming out sometime soon.

    Best of luck to everyone!

    • I totally understand you’re struggle for trying to reach your goals. Sometimes I feel like I’m my own worst enemy! Don’t give up though! You’re closer than you think!

      And I’ll have to check out the artists you named! I’m always looking for new music to listen to!

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