5 Things I would Tell my 20 Year Old Self.

(One of my modeling photos from when I was 20)

While going through an old photo album recently I came across the above photograph. The first thing I thought was “I was so skinny! And where is that bathing suit?” then I remembered that I threw it out, because I could no longer fit it (Insert Sad Face here). Then that got me thinking a lot. Which led to me writing this post.

Here are 5 Things I Would Tell my 20 Year Old Self:

1. Your Fast Food Habit Will Catch Up to You- When I was 20, I thought I could eat horribly all the time and never gain a pound. Which was true. Up until this past year where I wasn’t as active and my metabolism slowed down.  I would love to sit my 20 year old self down and force feed her some broccoli, instead of all that Chickfila.

2. Not Everyone Has to Like You- At 20, I was really concerned about having as many friends as possible. I thought that all the friends I made would be people I’d still be close with today. Although I’ve made some amazing friends who I’m still super close with, looking back I would tell myself that its all about quality when it comes to friendships, not quantity.

3. Stop Spending Money Like a Trust Fund Baby- When I think about how much money I was spending when I was 20, it makes me cringe. Between the money from modeling and working at a bar, I was making decent money for a 20 year old and I didn’t save one red cent. At the time I thought it would never run out. I’d love to shake the crap out of my 20 year old self and make her open a savings account.

4. Quit Partying Like Everyday is Spring Break– When I was growing up, I was raised in an extremely conservative Christian family, so when I was 20 I kind of lost it and went off the deep end with all the going out and partying. It didn’t help that I was living in Fort Lauderdale (where the mentality truly is that everyday is a weekend day) 20 minutes from Miami. If I could talk to my 20 year old self, I’d explain to her about how life is all about balance. That she doesn’t need to go out every night for fear that she might miss out on something, because after awhile all those nights start to run together. All the faces start to look the same. All the songs are repeated, and you start to lose a sense of who you are as a person.

5. You’re Independent Attitude is Just Downright Selfish- At 20 years old, I was all about being independent. I wanted to do what I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it. I would tell myself now, that there’s a huge difference between being independent and just being downright self absorbed. My so called independence ended hurting people I care about, as well as hurting myself.

I hope this makes you laugh. I also hope it makes you question what you would tell your 20 year old self. I’d love to hear what you guys come up with!

Happy Monday!


108 thoughts on “5 Things I would Tell my 20 Year Old Self.

  1. Things I would tell my 20 year old self: 1: Eat better, skinny isn’t always going to be easy. 2. Leave unhealthy relationships as soon as you know they are unhealthy instead of waiting for other people to change.

  2. Well I was 20 almost three years ago now, so it wasn’t a very long time ago. Nevertheless there are some things I regret and I wish I could tell my 20 year old self that those decisions are gonna cost you more than you can imagine.

    Really nice post :). We should all remind ourselves every now and then by looking back like this how everything we do will affect us in the future.

  3. #’s 2-5 I’d tell myself … #1 is still on the way… I can feel it!!!! WAAHH!

    I’d also tell myself to listen more to my parents..not to what they didnt want me to do etc , but to their views, their opinions.. their past lives… I find I’ve wasted so much precious time having an attitude , that I never really got to know my parents… it’s never too late though I believe!

    Also, I’d give myself a shake and tell myself the people I’m hanging out with are NOT cool…at all really.

    Thanks for the post !

    • I like the listen to your parents one. I’ve realized that a lot recently too. I started catching myself having similar views to the ones they had and it’s always kind of daunting to realize maybe they were right. lol

  4. I think about the only thing I have to say to my 20 year old self would be “You’ve got it ALL wrong.” So grateful to be far, far away from that!

  5. Thank you for liking my post. This is amazing and a lot of ‘food for thought’. I am 62 now and a great gramdma but I can think of things that I should of told myself at every year that has passed. I was pregnant with my first child when I was 20 and two days ago he became a grandpa for the second time-just three weeks after coming back from his third deployment to war. I am glad that what I wanted at twenty was changed by the hand of God-Couldn’t wait to get 21 so I could party legally- wow three weeks after I turned 21 I had my son. I like God’s plan much better. sorry this is so long-You are a very talented writer-God Bless you and look forward to reading your posts and following your blog.

  6. I think if I told my 20 year old self anything I would probably not be where I am today! So I choose to be silent 😉 Now if I knew she wouldn’t listen…the eating healthy thing is definitely top priority and she would also need to know it is not too late to find something she is actually interested in to follow for her career path because when she is 29 she will have to start all over…and lighten up…quit taking life so seriously! Otherwise though, I am glad I ended up where I have and I have a long way to go…maybe my 40 year old self will stop by for a visit soon to fill me in though.

    • hahaha very true. I definitely don’t regret how my life turned out, because you are absolutely right, it got me where I am today. And it made for some pretty hilarious stories. lol. Thanks for commenting!

  7. I’d tell my 20 year old self to find a 20 year old girl named Danasia in Ft. Lauderdale. LOL, I kid. I actually was in Florida when I was 20 though.

    I would probably tell myself that, like you, my eating habits will affect me in the end. Also, I would tell myself to stop putting yourself in debt and that it will catch up to you in the future (which in this case is me…). Lastly, I would probably say to stop chasing girls so much and focus on other things. All the girls you are going to date for the next 2 years are not worth it. Might as well take up a hobby and learn a language.

    • hahaha:) I think all of the things you listed are all things I personally could add to my list. My boyfriend always points out that if he could have back all the money he spent on dating in the past he’d be pretty well off. I can’t argue with that! lol

  8. What a great post, I bet everyone can relate to this! It’s so hard when you are in your early 20’s, you want to be a grown up, and the law tells you that you are, but really we are still babies when we are 20. To be only 25 and see all of these behaviors and attitudes already, is really great. Your 30’s will be very successful if you keep this level headed approach 🙂

  9. Love, love, love #2. This is something I am still trying to learn and I have to remind myself daily. As for my 20 yr old self, I would say, “Gina, give yourself a break, quit trying to be perfect, and … just face it, you’re too short to wear capris.” Great post! as always. 🙂
    ~ Gina

  10. Excellent post. I especially liked #5.
    It takes time to know the difference between independent/selfish or compromise/settling and a number of other things that make life less black and white and more gray…I would have never believed how gray life actually is when I was twenty.

  11. 1.) You are not smarter than the Law
    2.) They will eventually catch your ass
    3.) Listen to your parents…they aren’t as stupid as you think they are
    4.) Having sex 24/7 will come back to haunt you
    5.) You are not having as much fun as you say you are

    Actually there about 483 more things I would have told my young, egotistical, nothing can touch me self…but you get the idea.

    Be encouraged!

  12. I really like the idea of that post. In my case I guess I would turn the things around a little.
    1. Don’t be so serious all the time
    2. Yet again, don’t share so much about yourself in order to find your way into friendships.
    3. Be more outgoing!

    Just like stephenedwards425, I guess we could all go on.
    Thanks for the inspirational post. 😉

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  14. Hmm… here’s something I think everyday: I’d tell my really stupid 20 year-old self that boys don’t mean a think they say.

    Great post!

  15. I wish I could talk to my 20 year old self as well. I made great money, spent it all. Partied instead of going to school…I also came from a conservative christian family, I can relate to everything our twenty year old self went through.

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  17. I love it! 5 Things I’d tell my 20-year-old self:
    1. SAVE some of that money from internships!
    2. Don’t eat so many sweets! Root canals are NOT fun.
    3. Slow down! You have time to figure some of that ‘life stuff’ out.
    4. Stop breaking up with him! Y’all are getting married soon anyway!
    5. Follow your dreams and not $$$$.

    You’re an awesome blogger 🙂

  18. I love this and you are rocking that bikini. I too would remind myself that not everyone has to like me and what they think of me is only a reflection of what they think of themselves, it has nothing to do with me. Ohh the things we know 15 years on.

  19. Hi Danasia,
    I’ve nominated your blog for a Very Inspirational Blogger Award! Stop by oceannah.wordpress.com to receive it please. It’s simple and not some weird gimmick or spam. You just pay it forward to other blogs you like 

  20. You looked absolutely phenomenal!! And still do. Wow.
    I would tell myself things such as, stop studying so much, go out and have more fun, don’t go into certain majors, don’t feel bad about not dating because I’m not missing anything.


  21. This is you!? Wow girl. I don’t know what I would’ve said to your 20 year old self, but I know I woulda stuttered while sayin’ it. 🙂 😉

    I just stopped in from rayannsom’s site to say hi and congrats on getting the SS award.

  22. This was such a good post. It made me think a lot.. there are plenty of things I could tell my 20 year old self, but my life really hasn’t changed much in the last 6 years. Maybe that’s what I’d tell myself, to make some kind of change. I toooootally agree about the fast-food thing lol.. my body is not that of a teen anymore, now I’m an adult with adult body issues. I can feel myself transitioning and it’s a little disconcerting. I’ve always eaten what I wanted but I think I would give myself some better habits.. and make myself love salad. 😉

  23. Thank you for reading Tuck the Law Dog’s blog. I (Tuck’s Mom) enjoyed your
    look back at 20. Looking back, I should have had more fun by going to more parties and spending more money! Didn’t have Chick-Fil-A where I grew up-but enjoyed eating lots of White Castles (sliders). Take care, y’all.

  24. I can relate to number 3!!! I think it was only just recently I stopped spending money like it grew on trees. I turn 25 soon and am thinking I should make a list like this and reflect! Great post.

  25. After reading this I am now sat at my desk pondering instead of working; which is much more fun.

    I would tell my 20 year old self: 1) Let people go. If they don’t want to stay they’re not going to. 2) Beauty is everywhere, not just in the big lights, and 3) Don’t listen to your art lecturers as if they are god-like, fonts-of-all knowledge – they are only people too. I had a really bad experience doing my masters and it sent me hurteling into a shell for three years, from which I am only just emerging.

    I love this post. I work with 16-19 year olds at the moment and I often try to give them advice (as I’m a welfare officer) and one thing I would know sat in front of my 20 year old self… That I wasn’t going to listen to a word of it 🙂

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  27. Can you FWD this EXACT list on to my 20-year-old self. She could totally use it. 24-year-old me should have a look at it too.

    You are so hot now, and then. Skinny isn’t always what “hot” and “sexy” are about. But as a gal who used to eat like a horse, and never gain and pound and have to drink ensure to gain lbs (yeah, I was one of those “i’m so skinny it’s a problem” girls) to someone who CANNOT for the life of me shake the 20 lbs i gained since i got married (and moved within a stone’s throw of a mcdonald’s and got sick and lost my metabolism and on and on with the excuses).

    none of my clothes fit now and it’s makes me sad. i wonder how the hell i used to have SO MUCH money to go out and party all the time. in a new outfit every time too! what’s up with that?!?!

    i feel like i burned fast and white hot bright back in my early 20’s and while having a healthier liver and savings account may feel good now – nothing, and i mean NOTHING, makes up for the awesome, outrageous, wacky memories i made.

    life only comes around once. i say better to get the wild out while you’re young so when it’s time to settle down your old bones are grateful and tired. at least that’s how i feel on the matter.

    awesome post =)

  28. I’m turning twenty in 3 months – this will be helpful. Incidentally, I forced my fast food and soda intake down to a minimum this past week because my metabolism is ALREADY changing. Blahhh. Anywho – great post. 😉

  29. skinny isnt about being sexy or beautiful its just you taking care of yourself as you grow to fit you own age…and yes didnt we just waste money on partying as if it was the end of the world..i look back and ask myself where did alltha money go…Thanx a lot for sharing..you are a star….

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