My name is Danasia. I’m a fun loving girl from the East Coast. I have an amazing boyfriend named David, and a beautiful puppy named Terror Jane.

I vowed that when I turned 25, it would be the year I’d truly start living life to the fullest. I vowed to learn something new as often as possible, and to find the beauty in everything. What better way to stay accountable to that than writing a blog about it?

In addition to blogging, I’ll be posting videos, articles and images that are at times somber and evocative, other times beautiful and hopeful.

Pictures on this blog are my own personal images, unless otherwise stated at the end of the post. If you want to use an image, just ask, I promise I will not bite:)

Also, if I have used one of your images and didn’t cite you properly, please let me know and I will fix it ASAP.


93 thoughts on “About.

  1. Nice to meet you, I absolutely love your hair. I am thinking of cutting mine again. I am adding you to my blog roll, looking forward to reading your post.

  2. Awesome, he see your beauty from the inside out! Most def, lets keep in touch.
    Some days I can’t write because I get very forgetful, and have bad headaches.

  3. Hi Danasia!
    I love your vow, and your tag line ‘searching for the beauty in everything’, I believe it is the best way to find beauty. I’ll be happy to see the beauty you find 🙂
    The Buddhist’s believe is to smile, it will bring positive thinking with it…
    You’ve got an awesome smile

  4. Hi Danasia! Nice hair, you’re just like my sister. 🙂
    Anyway, thanks for visiting my site, because of that I discovered yours and I love it. Looking forward for more posts from you! 🙂

  5. Hi Danasia, I’m so glad you stopped by oceannah! Hope you’ll visit again. I love that you are working at finding the beauty in each day. What a wise thing to do at a young age. Blessings on your journey. BTW…you have a gorgeous smile!! Keep in touch.

  6. You’re so young, only 25. I’m 35 (let’s keep that a secret) :+) but I remember feeling old at 25. As I said in my blog response to one of your posts, when you get closer to 40 you’ll gain even more confidence and put things into perspective, and the things that bothered you in your 20’s will seem like nothing.

    • Of course! I can’t wait to read more of your posts! We rescued her and when we picked her up, they told us her name was Terror. Well although she doesn’t look it in the photo she’s 75 pounds and a force to be reckoned with. When we started introducing her as Terror people would get freaked out, so we decided to soften the blow by calling her Terror Jane… at this point she mostly just answers to Jane. It’s like she knows her original name was a fail. lol.

  7. Hi Danasia, thank you so much for visiting my blog and liking it! ^^ I really appreciate. You have such a nice blog. I’m reading it and it’s makes me so happy. I hope to read lots and lots more about you! Keep up the good work. I’m following you on wordpress and also one your facebook fanpage! ^^

    P.S. You look so much like a Dutch celebrity. You should google here Sylvana Simons 😉

    Lots of love,

    • Aww thank you! And your site is too cute! I hope you post images of your dresses on there! I see that you have a facebook fan page! I liked it and from the dresses you have posted, I’m sure your business will do great, They are adorable! I googled Sylvana and thanks for saying I resemble her! She is gorgeous! I could only hope to look a little bit like her. How long have you been working in fashion?

      • Aaaww that is really sweet of you. You are so nice! I think you look a lot like her! Beauty is not only the outside but also the inside. And as I can read in your blog. You got it all!
        I’m a newbie in the fashion. I always wanted my own company. With the idea in my head for over 3 years, I was a little scared to make something out of it. But last year july 2011 I just went and did it. I just did…with no plans, no money, no idea of how to handle all of this. But it just turning out good for now. You know what they say: “Life is full of chances and opportunities, but befor you can acomplish it you must dare to take risks” And so I did. I know that nobody could make your dreams come true beside yourself. You just need to take the risk, what do you have to lose 😉

  8. Hi Danasia! So glad I found your site after you “liked” my post on Easy Does It packing for travel. I look forward to reading more of what you have to say, and I hope you will post often!

  9. Hi Danasia! So glad I found your site after you “liked” my Insider Travel Tip post on Easy Does It packing for travel.

    Look forward to reading your updates and learning about your journey!

    Keep up the great work and happy traveling!


  10. I hope you don’t mind my peeking into your life (hehe! as per blog posts, I mean) from time to time:-) I especially like the idea of finding beauty in everything…something I definitely could use. Am in Kenya (just FYI) and…good stuff! – am certain I could pick a thing or two… Thanks. Wish you the best too: that you may find mostly…beautiful things…

  11. You have a lovely blog! Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog. I am 23 and I don’t think my 20s started out or is going quite the way I wanted it to but reading your blog has given me new hope :D. Now I feel confident to reinvent myself, or at least some aspects of my life. My mission is now to be “born” at 24! Lol. I’m looking forward to reading more from you. Keep up the good work.

  12. Not only is your blog a wonderful place to visit, but clearly, the writer is a beautiful person inside and out. How grateful I am to share the WordPress space with you!

    Your gift is a blessing to your readers, and I think you should write more and dig deeper and share your gifts even more!

    Thanks for spending some time with my writing, and I am following you now for sure!

    Warm regards……John H.

    • Thanks for the kind words John! Sorry I am just responding to you now. My computer crashed two weeks ago and I haven’t had much internet access. Your comment truly lifted my spirits!

  13. You’ve done an INCREDIBLE job of building up your blog. Woah! You have so many followers and comments galore. It seems like just yesterday you were starting out and had but a few people poking around and reading.

    Awesome awesome job!!!! I’m so stoked for you =)

  14. Thanks a lot, Danasia, to leave a comment on my (starting) blog. Comments like that make me keep going.
    You have an amazing blog and I’m looking forward to reading it everyday.
    Once again thank you.
    Lots of love,

  15. I don’t quite remember *how* I found your blog, but I think I initially thought..wow this girl is beautiful..let me take a look..lol..I’m glad I did..
    I love your blog and look forward to your posts..my fave so far are 5 Things I would Twll my 20 Year Old Self and See The World Without Getting on A Plane..The latter more so as there are so many beautiful things to see in your own country that people usually overlook..I love travelling 🙂
    ..and Terror Jane is sooo cute!

    Keep writing..Please and Thank You! =)

    • Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m so glad you left a comment because it allowed me to go to your blog and check it out. From your about section I can tell your high energy and a lover of life like I am! I’m excited to be able to start reading your posts! Keep in touch!!

  16. A very nice introduction my friend
    and I will have to call back and take
    the full tour sometime soon 🙂

    In the meantime
    have lots of fun 😉


  17. Thank you for liking my post about image placement in WordPress. I enjoyed visiting your blog. I can really relate to your post about slacking on the blog posts. I find it difficult to take a moment to write a post when I am busy doing many other things at the same time.

  18. Hi Danasia (such a unique name, I love it). Just wanted to drop a comment and say wow, this blog is beautiful, and I like where you’re going with your vow. I hope your 25th year is everything you wish it to be :).

    P.S. I am LOVING your look. I’d probably cry in a corner if I had all my hair chopped off…I’m a long-hair-loving gal myself lol, but you are looking fantastic!

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