Are You Ready? Prepare To Be Re.Vived.

I’m sure you guys have noticed from my instagram (danasiafantastic) and flickr that in the last few months I’ve done an obscene amount of shopping. In particular jewelry shopping. I can’t seem to stop. Since working for that amazing Couture jewelry company in NYC I’ve developed quite a love for phenomenal jewelry. I find myself completely obsessed with hunting for beautiful vintage pieces that no one else would have. That obsession has turned into what will be my next business venture: Re.Vived. A Vintage Jewelry Boutique!!! I’ve been working extremely hard on this for the past few months and although the store won’t be officially up and running until the launch party I have set for October, I’d really like some feedback on the look and feel of my site. Nothing is available for purchase as of yet, but if you guys would take a few moments to check it out and give me your opinions it would be appreciated more than you know!! Normally I have the site password protected, but for the next few days I have it unlocked solely for you’re viewing pleasure! Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated! I’ll be releasing a promo video later this month. I’ll also be adding images of people actually wearing the jewelry so you can get a feel for how big or small the items are. Re.Vived. is my baby and I’m excited to give you all a sneak peek! I look forward to reading all of your input!!!


27 thoughts on “Are You Ready? Prepare To Be Re.Vived.

  1. Love the, Love, LOVE the font used (I have a thing about fonts!)
    The website looks clean and not cluttered, extremely professional =)
    I’d love to be at that launch party!

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