Livin’ La Vida Lokal: Roho Cuban Coffee

It’s no secret I’m all about Exploring your own backyard . I’m a firm believer in seeing whatever the city I’m living in has to offer. Thankfully I’ve recently moved to a city that’s known for its beautiful weather, over-the-top nightlife, and stunning beaches: Miami! Because of my recent move, I’ve decided to start a weekly series titled “Livin’ La Vida Lokal”. Each week I will be visiting various places around the city, exploring the best of Miami. I plan on straying from the beaten path and discovering all the less traveled but equally epic restaurants, boutiques, bars and local haunts.

The first featured place in this weekly series is Roho Cuban Coffee. I stumbled upon this little gem after an interview in downtown Miami a few weeks ago. As someone who’s a bit of a snob when it comes to coffee (Starbucks is a joke. Give me La Colombe any day), I try not to get my hopes up when I try a new coffee place. From the moment I walked into Roho Coffee, I knew I had found my second home! The decor is stylish, warm and welcoming. It’s very chic without being pretentious.

The entire staff is unbelievably friendly! They are extremely genuine and very helpful. They have wi-fi and the connection speed is pretty fast. Now onto the matter at hand… The Coffee.

To say the coffee is delicious is an understatement! They use the Italian made Victoria Arduino Machine to prepare their coffee. One might ask what’s so special about that? Well they have one of only six machines that are in America. It’s literally the “Ferrari” of coffee machines. Their signature drink is the “Mima Cortadito”(pictured above). It’s espresso with blended sugars and sweet milk and it is to DIE FOR.

Delicious Flan with a Caramel Crisp, The “Ferrari”, The Most Amazing Gazpacho I’ve ever tasted, and Their Tapas.

Roho Cuban Coffee is where traditional Latin recipes and themes join hands with modern day America to create a culturally inspired menu and atmosphere. Although they are a coffee shop, they also have amazing “sandwishes” (the menu is written in Spanglish, which I think is brilliant!!) and desserts that are prepared on site.

And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I saw the wine bar (pictured above)! You load a key card up with cash and they give you a glass. You then go over to the wine bar and swipe the card under the one you’d like to try. The wine is then poured into your glass from the machine. If a soda machine and winery had a baby, this would be their lovechild!

When I asked Manager Antonio Hurtado about the vision behind Roho he explained “We want people to get the vibe that, just like our location, we are the heart and flavor of Miami. We’re blending both our deep Latin roots with a classy, vibrant atmosphere. Our guests range from first generation Latin Americans, to the adventure seeking tourists, to the abuelitas looking to taste traditional Cuban dishes.”. So next time you’re in Miami and you want the ultimate coffee experience, please visit Roho Cuban Coffee. Trust me, you will not be disappointed! Roho Cuban Coffee 2 West Flagler Street Miami 33131,


6 thoughts on “Livin’ La Vida Lokal: Roho Cuban Coffee

  1. Wow!! This place looks neat! Great review. We have to meet up at this place one day to sip on some coffee and chat 🙂


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