Things You Need to Know: 5 Benefits of Knowing When to Shut Up!!!

I know I look like an ass, but it comes with the job. Haha:)

I’m a very outgoing person. That said, in the past I’ve had the bad habit of talking too much. Depending on what I’m talking about, I tend to get really excited and talk a mile a minute! That and the slight lisp that I have make it difficult at times for someone to comprehend what I’m saying.

For years I’ve been told (mostly by family haha) that I talk entirely too much. Just last night I was told by my Boyfriend that I talk so fast sometimes he doesn’t understand what I’m saying. I definitely have the gift of gab, which more often than not is also a curse.

Recently I’ve made more of an effort to just shut up and listen! And I’ve come up with a list of reasons why You should Shut Up and Listen too!:

1. Because You Just Might Learn Something- We all know if you’re too busy talking, you’re Obviously not hearing what’s being said. But there is a big difference between hearing and listening. Listening is making the effort to hear something. When you learn to listen instead of just hearing, you in turn learn things that you wouldn’t have before.

2. Because It Creates Better Communication in Your Relationships- Most people tend to forget that a big part of communicating properly is listening. Think of the last time you felt like your significant other wasn’t “listening” to you. It’s frustrating huh? But then remember the last time you half listened to something he was saying… It’s probably more recent than you think. Talking and listening go hand in hand when it comes to having a happy relationship.

3. To Keep From Looking Like an Idiot- Remember that awkward and embarrassing moment in class, when the teacher called on you to answer a question that you don’t know the answer to because you weren’t paying attention? Well I’ve got news for you, just because you’re out of school doesn’t mean that won’t happen to you now. It’s like when you are told a business associate’s name repeatedly, but you don’t remember it at the next meeting. It’s like being in Mrs. Boyd’s classroom all over again.

4. Because It Saves You and Everyone Else Around You Time- When you truly listen, it keeps you from asking the same questions over and over again. That saves you and the people you are harassing time (and a headache).

5. Because It Helps You to Make Better Decisions- When you listen it allows you to read between the lines. Imagine going into a store on your lunch break. You find a dress you like and as your cashing out, the cashier is telling you the return policy. Because you’re preoccupied with the time (you don’t want to be late getting back to work)you rush her along and leave the store. You get the dress home that night and realize it doesn’t fit. You go back to return it the next day only to realize there’s no return policy… Which the cashier was trying to explain to you yesterday. You probably wouldn’t have rushed to buy that dress if you were paying attention to what she was saying to you, or you at least would have tried it on at the store. Not listening here, cost you time AND money. Two things most of us are short on right now!

Well I hope this helps! Can you tell me a time when your mouth got you into trouble? Or a time when listening actually paid off?

Have an awesome week!!!


23 thoughts on “Things You Need to Know: 5 Benefits of Knowing When to Shut Up!!!

  1. hahahah love it! Well if I’m very excited I always talk fast and sometimes forget words or make the wrong sentences. But most of all I’m a listen person 🙂 I love to hear what others have to say (as long as it isn’t the same story ;))

  2. Great insight! And a little surreal…
    I posted about listening and observing (and my talkative family, too) on my blog today and called it “Life Is a Peep Show.” And I linked to Momastery’s recent post as a great example of what can happen when you do listen…and stay open. Wow! Three of us and the exact same subject this week! I love it!

  3. A very nice post, actually, I am not a listening person. But I will try to make use of your words. Thanks for the post and for the comment on my blog, too.

  4. Great job with this post! Besides listening, my biggest problem is not always thinking before I speak. Turns out you should not always just say the first thing that comes to mind. Took me a long while to figure that out. Keep up the good work:)

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