Promise You This.

My bf took this.

I must confess. These last couple of months I’ve been slacking on the blog posts… Between moving around and getting my latest business venture rolling(expect the grand opening the first week of September…maybe sooner!!), I’ve let this dear blog fall to the wayside. And for that I apologize! This blog has been one of the most stable things in my life for the last six months. Most people would think that was ridiculous, but for those of you who truly know me, you understand how true that statement is! That said, today I realized how inconsistent I’ve been with blogging and I’ve got to say- It Ends Today. I’ve got so much to blog about now that I’m living in Miami. Other than it just being a city known for its partying, Miami has a blooming art scene that in time might rival New York’s (yes, I said it). I Promise to blog more consistently and to keep you up to date with what’s going on in this city, as well as other places I travel. After all the goal of this blog is to live life to the fullest and to find the beauty in everything. What better place to start doing more of that than here?

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