Making Lemonade Out of Life’s Lemons.

I woke up with pink eye early this morning. Needless to say I wasn’t thrilled about it. I was scheduled to work today, and being that my cellphone is still broken, I had to go into work to show them my pink eye instead of calling in like normal people do. It was a slightly frustrating ordeal. After stopping at the CVS to get OTC medication, I noticed on my ride home just how beautiful the day was becoming. The sun is shining, their is a light breeze coming in off the water, and at that moment I realized even though my eye’s in a bit of pain, I will still be able to enjoy this unexpected day off. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade right? So I hope you enjoy your Friday. If it started out on a rough note, I’m sure it will get better. I can honestly say, I’d rather be on the beach relaxing while having pink eye, then being at work on such a gorgeous day.

“A sense of blessedness comes from a change of heart, not from more blessings.” – Mason Cooley

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48 thoughts on “Making Lemonade Out of Life’s Lemons.

      • haha yeah, i’m from florida and i’ve never mountains there! i live in hawaii now, so i was curious.

        if those aren’t your pics, you should cite whose they are/where they come from. it’ll give your blog more credibility. because as they are now, it seems like they’re your pics.

      • at the bottom of the post, you can write “photo credits” and give links.

        or you could put it in parenthesis after a photo.

      • yeah, that should be sufficient! if you use pics from the public domain, you can always just put a little footnote at the bottom in italics, saying that they aren’t yours.

        citation on blogs and on the web in general is pretty open-ended, there are lots of different ways that people are citing sources.

        just keep in mind the most basic rule – if you’re using something that you didn’t create, just tell your readers where it came from. whether it’s an idea, a photo, a piece of information (like a statistic), etc., just provide a way for the reader to know where it came from.

        links are the easiest to use, and if you don’t want the citations to interrupt your content, you can put them all at the bottom of a post.

        if you choose to use parentheses, most readers won’t find them intrusive or annoying – and like i said earlier, it lends credibility and strength to your blog.

        as a writer one of the WORST things you can ever do is plagiarize, and by not citing unoriginal material, you’re technically committing a form of plagiarism. I know that’s a big term and it’s scary, but I’ve seen professional bloggers ruin their reputations over such things.

        At my day job I work on my company’s blog, and I actually recently did a piece about this, you can check out more here:

        It’s a two-part article I wrote about honesty in blogging, and there is some good info, examples of what NOT to do, and some links that can help out any blogger.

        sorry to be nosy, just trying to be helpful =)

      • OK great! I’ll read both of those posts. And thanks for the help! Being I’ve been blogging for such a short amount of time, I’m still trying to figure out the ropes:)

      • Hey, I just finished reading part 1 of your article. It made me extremely aware. I never thought of it as lying before, but that’s definitely what it is. While we’re on the topic, what can I do about pics that I take myself. Whats the best way to keep them from being reused without permission?

      • You could always copyright your blog, your content, your photos.

        I would say the easiest way to take care of this is to include a statement on your blog that your images and photos cannot be used without express written permission, and that if someone wants to use them – they can email you.

        when a blog post has your original images, at the bottom cite them as yours – like how you’d cite them if they belonged to someone else, follow the same style and just say “images are property of born at twenty five” or use your legal name.

        consistency is great, and if anyone ever has a question or if any issues ever come up in the future, being consistent will keep things easy to handle. you’ll always know where to look in a post, readers will always know where to look.

        i think when you upload the pics on WP, you can also include a description that shows up when people click on the photo – but it’s not a caption. you could put a copyright/property of message there as well.

      • They are pretty none-the-less. When I read that you were on the east coast I kind of figured 🙂 I’m on the east coast, too, in PA. What state are you living in?

      • I was living in Brooklyn, but now I’m back in Florida. This sleepy little beach town. It’s nothing like when I lived in Miami. I used to go to Bible camp in PA as a kid and I grew up outside of philly. What part of PA are you near?

      • I’m in Cheltenham, right outside of NE Philly. It’s nic you are by the beach and in Florida, it’s probably very nice there. I grew up in south jersey, where near Philly did you grow up?

      • lol omg I grew up in Glassboro and I lived in Cherry Hill for awhile! I know exactly where you are near Philly. I lived in Center City for a bit on 12th and chesnut. where in SJ did you grow up?

      • Hahaha my Dad grew up in Franklinville and my mom grew up in Vineland. They actually moved back to Franklinville about a year ago. I lived in Vineland with my grandmother a short period of time. hahahah Amen to it being a small world! Unbelievable!

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  2. I really enjoy your positivity in life. It makes me happy that there are still people out there that really try to see the bright side of things 🙂 Hope your eye didn’t make your day difficult then.

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