Forgive Yourself. (Letting Go of Guilt)

All of us feel guilty from time to time. Guilt at times lets us know when we have done something wrong. It’s your minds way of telling you “You need to make things right”. At other times, the guilt we feel is completely unhealthy. When you feel guilty for something you had no control over, it is important to let that guilt go. I came across an article today that listed 5 Tips for Dealing with Guilt . I wanted to share it with you guys, because I know guilt is something we’ve all struggled with at one time or another. I know I constantly feel guilty when I eat something I shouldn’t or when I respond harshly to someone who didn’t deserve it. Hopefully, now that I’ve read this article, I can let go of some of the guilt I’ve been harboring. I hope it helps you as well:)

Enjoy Your Monday!


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7 thoughts on “Forgive Yourself. (Letting Go of Guilt)

  1. Good tips in the article. I tend to be pretty forgiving of others and I include myself so I typically don’t become burdened by guilt. Short term memory helps. Dwelling on past things that you can’t change is useless. The practical approach is to learn from mistakes and change behavior to prevent repeating them.

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  2. Nice rumination and share about a pernicious emotion. I love The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. One of the agreements is: Always do your best. If you’re doing your best, there’s no need for guilt. None of us is perfect. 🙂

  3. It takes a lot of wisdom to be able to make a distinction between ‘real’ guilt, which pushes us to make things right or toward positive action, and the ‘fake’ stuff, which will push us into an early grave. Easier said than done to shrug it off – but what a load lifted that we really shouldn’t be carrying!

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